Travel Sober

Looking For a Bargain, Why Not?

By Bob Kocher

August 12, 2019

Everyone is always looking for a bargain, Why Not! If you are a cruise enthusiast or wanting to take the plunge and try a cruise for the first time, now is the time to make plans.

The popularity of cruising has grown so fast in the last ten years that every major cruise line has been trying to outdo each other. They have spent billions of dollars building mega ships with more elaborate entertainment venues and so many restaurant choices that it would be impossible to try all of them on a one-week cruise.

In the beginning of the building boom prices on cruises began to go up and the ships were filled; booking at the highest rates. In the last quarter of 2018 we noticed more "specials" begin to creep into the pricing picture. Some cruse lines began to drop the prices after the newly established 120 day from sailing final payment date, while others are offering "solo traveler" rates where paying double for a single is waived.

Airlines have begun to run more frequent "Sales" offers and have begun to work more closely again with the cruise lines to offer "free or discounted air" programs.

All of this adds up to a win for us consumers.  A major point of consideration is that people are now moving back to working with established travel agencies to find the best deals. The reason is that finding the best deals is time sensitive and time consuming whereas agencies get reports every day.

Check out our web site for the "specials" link for updates on the best deals.  Remember we are a full-service travel agency and are here to help with you travel needs.