Travel Sober

Welcome to the TravelSober.com Rebrand!

Welcome to TravelSober.com. We offer you opportunities for great group travel experiences and are here to meet your individual travel needs too. During our years in business we have been blessed to meet people from all walks of life and share breathtaking experiences with people who we welcome as family.

Speakers on our trips come from all areas of Recovery. We are grateful to them for the time they spend with us. They have added so much to peoples lives over the years, which you will read about in testimonials.

In addition to travel news and offers, our web site is designed to share information about what is going on in the recovery field and celebrate those making contributions in the Recovery field.

The relationships we have been fortunate to make with our travel partner companies are much the same. I was forthcoming about our mission to provide safe travel in an industry that sometimes had a bad rap for being a slippery slope for recovering travelers. These travel partners not only listened, they advocated to insure our groups have what they need for a fun, safe environment that allows us to do the same things everyone else enjoys without the pressure of drinking.

On our blog site you will see travel news, information about our partners/friends and any postings that can be of interest and help to all of us as we fight our disease.

We welcome you to the TravelSober family and look forward to sharing our 21 years of worldwide travel experience with you.