Travel Sober

Staying Healthy While Traveling

By Bob Kocher
January 31, 2020
Everyone is watching the news about the spread of the Coronavirus. Rightfully so. So, how does this affect travel?  The answer is the same as it is for being proactive and vigilant where we work, play and live about cleanliness and personal hygiene. 
In 2006 there was a virus outbreak known as bird flu, H5N1 influenza. The disease was feared to be capable of being a catastrophic epidemic. At the beginning time of the outbreak we were sailing from South America to Los Angeles and people were growing more nervous as the the news unfolded and concern heightened. 
Within a month steps were taken by researchers and health officials worldwide Helping to get a vaccine developed to fight the disease.  Proactive preventive instructions were given and suggestions ( healthy orders ) given to get to the doctor expediently if symptoms were present. 
Participating in life doesn't stop unless we choose to stop participating. So, here are some tips to stay healthy. 
1. Buy, carry and use hand sanitizer often. If you need to use a handrail or shopping cart or any area commonly used by others clean your hands with the product. 
2. Wash you hands often especially when using a public restroom. If no soap is available it is another reason to remember to carry hand sanitizer. 
3. Put your hands and arms on shoulders at meeting closings. Use hand sanitizer after shaking someone's hand. 
4. In crowds, wear protective masking. This is practical at airports and on subways. 
5. Pay attention to travel advisories. If a country is off limits, don't go. 
6. Carry plastic nurses gloves when traveling. They are lightweight and easy to dispose. 
7. Take vitamins that contain high dosage of vitamin "C" and Zinc and/or take EmegenC or Airborne a few days before leaving and while traveling. 
8. Be sure you have medical insurance coverage while traveling. If you're not covered by your insurance, get trip insurance because it has medical coverage included.
9. Get plenty of rest
10. Check to be sure your shots are current for areas you are traveling to. 
11. Be sure to bring any medication you need with you when traveling. It's hard to replace. 
12. Call your local health authorities such as the County Health Department or Google the Center for Disease Control for the most current information about health conditions where you will be. 
Onboard the ship today en route to New Orleans, food in the buffets are being put on plates by staff. Salt and pepper shakers, condiments and other items we normally pick up are being handled by ship staff. There is no Noro or other health worries onboard, just a proactive stance about prevention. People are not griping, rather they are appreciative. 
So, pay attention and live life. And as always, travel safe and TravelSober!